The mission of Wade Park is to provide each child with engaging and personalized instruction using 21st Century technology that addresses individual styles and needs in a cooperative, nurturing, and safe environment.

    Core Beliefs

    Our core business is teaching and learning.

    It is our priority to teach students through the use of project based learning, social emotional learning and 21st century technology to aid in their ability to learn.

    All children have the ability to learn at or above grade level.

    It is our commitment that every Wade Park scholar will receive targeted instruction that is rigorous, integrated, and aligned to the Ohio Learning Standards.

    All scholars learn in a caring and secure environment.

    It is our commitment to provide a nurturing and safe learning environment for every Wade Park scholar.

    Quality, personalized instructional programs require a rigorous curriculum, effective teaching and ongoing, targeted assessments.

    It is our pledge to provide a world-class education to every Wade Park scholar.

    *Core Beliefs Poster