The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) starts in the sixth grade and continues through 10th grade. The program is intended to prepare students for the Diploma Programme (DP), so it incorporates a lot of the same approach in terms of balancing the academic program.
    At Campus International's upper school, students undergo a more intensive Years 4 and 5 of the MYP in order to ensure that all students, including those who have not previously been exposed to the IB program, are prepared for the Diploma Programme in 11th grade. This preparation includes: 
    • Courses in seven of eight MYP subject areas (as opposed to the required six), including: Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals & Societies, Science, Mathematics, Design, and Arts or Physical Education.
    • Completion of both the Community Project (9th Grade / Year 4 of MYP) and the Personal Project (10th Grade / Year 5 of MYP).
    • Completion of all seven end-of-course exams (OSTs) required for graduation per Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Revised Code, including: English 1 & 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, US History, and US Government.
    All students must complete all of the above in good standing in order to be eligible for the Diploma Programme in 11th grade. Students will receive support throughout the 9th and 10th grade years to ensure this goal is met.
    For more information about the Middle Years Programme, download IB's Frequently Asked Questions or go directly to the IB MYP Website.