• Academic Program

    As an International Baccalaureate (IB) Candidate School, Campus International offers IB's globally recognized program known for its rigor and holistic approach to supporting students in becoming active and thoughtful citizens of an increasingly global society. Campus International's lower school (K-8) is an authorized IB World School for the Primary Years Programme (Grades K-5) and Middle Years Programme (Grades 6-10). Campus International's upper school became an authorized IB World School for both Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme (Grades 11-12.
    All students are expected to complete the same advanced course requirements in Grades 11 & 12 as well as complete all requirements for graduation according to the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Revised Code. Below you will see the projection for Campus International's upper school progression. To learn more, please click on the relevant areas in the "Academics" section of our website.

    suggested courses for study
    Grade Level

    Group 1: Language & Literature

    (English / Language Arts)

    Group 2: Language Acquisition (World Language)

    Group 3: Individuals & Societies (Social Studies)

    Group 4: Science 

    Group 5: Math

    Group 6: The Arts
    IB Core 
    9th Grade
    (MYP Year 4) 
    English 1
    Spanish, Chinese (Level 1 or 2)
    US History Biology
    Geometry (STEM)
    Music, Design, or Visual Arts 1/2 IB Core 9 (Community Project) & 1/2 PE
    10th Grade
    (MYP Year 5) 
    English 2
    Spanish, Chinese (Level 2 or 3)
    US Government


    Algebra 2 (STEM)
    Music, Design, or Visual Arts 1/2 IB Core 10 (Personal Project) & 1/2 Health
    11th Grade
    (DP Year 1) 
    Language & Literature HL1
    Spanish, Chinese (Level 3 or B SL1 or Ab Initio 1)
    World History HL1 Env. Systems & Societies SL
    Algebra 2
    Math Analysis & Approaches SL1 (STEM)
    Group 6 Course HL1: Film, Visual Arts, Music Theory of Knowledge 1 / Extended Essay 1
    12th Grade
    (DP Year 2) 
    Language & Literature HL2
    Spanish, Chinese B (SL) or Ab Initio 2
    World History HL2 (choose region)
    SL Elective (group 3, 4, or 6)
    other graduation requirement
    Math Applications & Interpretations SL
    Math Analaysis & Approaches SL2 (STEM) 
    Group 6 Course HL2: Comp. Sci., Film, Visual Arts, Music Theory of Knowledge 2 / Extended Essay 2

    STEM Pathway

    Students may qualify for the STEM pathway by entering 9th grade with a satisfactory grade (C average or higher or 4 average or higher in Algebra 1 + 3 or higher on OST) or by accelerating through the CIHS acceleration pathway after 9th grade after meeting the same requirements and getting a recommendation from their 9th grade teacher. The CIHS acceleration pathway includes taking the first semester of Geometry online during the summer and the second half concurrently with Algebra 2 during the 10th grade year.

    Group 6 Pathways (9th - 10th Grade) 

    Standard Pathway: 1/2 Design + 1/2 Physical Education - this option allows students to complete their Physical Education requirement as 9th/10th graders and open up their Year 4 in Group 4 to take an SL elective in Group 3, 4, or 6. Students must complete their arts requirement (at least 1 credit) during Year 3 or 4.
    Arts Pathway: 1/2 Design + 1/2 Music or Art Elective (Orchestra, Band, Modern Band, MYP Visual Arts) - this option commits students to 4 years of study in musical ensembles and the Music HL course in Years 3 and 4 or 4 years of study in Visual Arts and the Visual Arts HL course in Years 3 and 4. Student must complete their Physical Education course during Year 4 (group 4) or outside of the school day.
    Computer Science Pathway: the computer science progression integrates Design into Years 1 and 2 (Exploring Computer Science & Intro to Computer Science) leading up to an advanced IB HL course in Years 3 and 4. Students who take computer science will need to complete their arts and physical education requirements outside of the Group 6 progression.
    Entrepreneurship Pathway: the Entrepreneurship pathway begins in Year 2 with a full-year Design & Entrepreneurship course in conjunction with Youth Entrepreneurs. Students then move on to the Design Tech HL course in Years 3 and 4 as well as a Business and Management SL elective in Year 4.
    Students must meet "Promotion Criteria" year-to-year at CIHS in order to be promoted to the next year in the CIHS Academic Progression.
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