• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Where is Campus International High School located?
    A: Campus International’s permanent Upper School location is the Cole Center at Cleveland State University (3100 Chester Ave.). This building formerly housed our K-4th grade students, who, together with our 5th-8th grade students, have moved to a new location at E. 22nd Street and Payne Ave (2160 Payne Ave). The Cole Center has undergone about $9.5 million in renovations (completed in December 2017) to become a high school tailored to the need of IB Learners in the 21st Century. 

    Basic Information

    Q: What are school hours? What is the school’s calendar?
    A: Upper school hours are 8:35 AM to 3:35 PM. Campus International runs on the traditional calendar with extended year. The last day of student attendance for the 2022-23 school year will be June 12, 2023.

    Q: Is transportation provided? How do I get to school?
    A: School buses are not provided for high school students in CMSD, but all CMSD students are provided with an RTA pass good for use on RTA buses and rapid transit lines (please check schedules at riderta.com). The Cole Center and South Campus are accessible by bus lines on Superior Ave (#3), Payne Ave (#38), Euclid Ave (Health Line), and Cedar Ave (#8), and students may transfer to these lines from any of the other bus lines that serve downtown and Public Square, including:

    • #79 & 79A (serving the West Side via Fulton Rd.), 
    • #81 (serving Tremont and the West Side via Storer Ave and W 98th St), 
    The following buses and express buses serve the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center at Prospect and E 22nd Street (a 10-15 minute walk from the school): 
    • #51 A-B-C (serving the Southwest suburbs and the near West Side coming up W 25th St), 
    • Express buses coming from the West & Southwest Suburbs: #55 A-B-C (Lakewood, Bay Village, Westlake), #53F (North Royalton, Broadview).

    You can also find some safety tips and information on Safe Routes to School on the CMSD website.

    Q: Is Campus International a “uniform school”?
    A: There is no school uniform for CIHS. Further guidance can be found in the CMSD Student Code of Conduct


    Q: What is the International Baccalaureate (IB)?
    A: The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an internationally-recognized school model and curriculum that offers three programs, all of which have been adopted by Campus International School. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) runs from Kindergarten through 5th grade, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) runs from 6th through 10th grade, and the Diploma Programme (DP) is for 11th and 12th grade. IB develops internationally-minded students by emphasizing ten character traits that make up the IB Learner Profile.

    The IB curriculum is a rigorous program that requires instruction in six of eight subject areas in the MYP as well as a Community Project and Personal Project undertaken through Campus International’s unique “IB Core” class and reflecting students’ individual interests. At the Diploma Programme level, students continue with their individual academic interests by writing an extended essay and undertaking service learning as they prepare themselves for the self-directed nature of university study. The Diploma Programme also requires students to take advanced college-level courses in six subject areas that culminate in internationally normed exams as they prepare for the prestigious IB diploma.

    Q: Does Campus International High School offer arts classes?
    A: Yes. “The Arts” is one of the six subject areas offered in both the MYP and DP, and Campus International’s Upper School is building off of a strong tradition of arts education in grades K-8. In grades 9 and 10, students may choose from four different music ensembles, as well as visual arts courses. Students may also take advantage of CAS activities in the arts sponsored by Campus International’s many partner organizations.

    Q: What languages are offered at Campus International?
    A: Currently, the languages offered include Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. All languages are offered through the advanced Diploma Programme-level course for the IB diploma. As always, we are open to adding more languages based on the interest and input of our students, families, and community.

    Q: Are college classes offered at Campus International?
    A: Yes. Campus International aims to prepare students to be competitive applicants for four-year colleges in Ohio, nationwide, and even across the world. Students’ experience with the IB program and on a college campus will give students the skills they need to be prepared for success in any college. Most universities offer credit based on students’ success in IB Diploma Programme courses and on IB exams, so Campus International students will also have opportunities to earn credits in several subjects based on IB coursework during their 11th and 12th grade years. In addition, Campus International works with its primary partner, Cleveland State University, to offer college credits to CIS students through the College Credit Plus program when convenient.


    Q: What sports are offered at Campus International?
    A: Campus International is an official Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) school and member of the Senate Ahletic League. Our policy about adding activities is to encourage students to take the opportunity to show leadership and commitment by getting a group of students who are interested in the activity to show initiative. Students interested in starting other sports or clubs may organize their classmates and submit formal interest at any time.

    Q: Can I play sports for my “home school” and attend Campus International?
    A: Because CIHS is an OHSAA member school, students may not participate in sports at their "home school".


    Special Programs

    Q: Does Campus International offer services for students with IEPs (individual education plans)? What about services for English Language Learners? Can students from Thomas Jefferson Academy transfer to International?
    A: Campus International was founded on a belief that the rigorous IB program is a good educational model for all students, so the school does not restrict access to any students except as mandated by the Offices of Special Education or Multilingual / Multicultural Education. Campus International offers supports for individual students through instructional aides and intervention specialists, as well as through a collective emphasis on inclusion in the general education program.
Last Modified on September 26, 2022