• Welcome to the Kenneth W. Clement Boys' Leadership Academy (KCBLA)

    At Kenneth Clement we pride ourselves on creating a dynamic atmosphere where all male scholars can and will succeed. The word Leadership in our school name reflects our desire to support our students in the creation of a vision for their lives that will prepare them to be productive and contributing adults in our global society.  They start each day with an introspective look of who they are, what their mission is and what their goals are for the day. We understand that we are educating the whole child and must provide the structure and resources to support our scholars social, emotional and mental health. 

    Our Family Leaders (teachers) plan for and provide instruction daily that will increase academic achievement and support the development of the whole child. Our administration team works relentlessly to make sure that our scholars are given the opportunity, that they deserve, to be all that they desire to be!  We are building the men of tomorrow, starting today! 
    Set up a site visit! We would love to have you!!