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Enrollment remains strong

In the past, CMSD’s enrollment would spike early early in the school and then gradually slip. But this year the number has been climbing even as summer break comes into view.
Enrollment peaked at 37,860 in November and then began to fluctuate. The count rose in recent months and now stands at 37,808, almost back at the high mark.
The release of CMSD's 2016-17 report card later this year will include an official count and confirm whether enrollment is up for a third consecutive year. The state formula prorates students who are enrolled for a portion of the year.
The annual gains come after decades of decline. Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon has hailed the trend as a sign of confidence in the District and the progress made under The Cleveland Plan

Gordon said CMSD has retained a higher percentage of students moving from eighth grade to ninth grade and seen some students return from charter schools. He also points out that fewer students are dropping out, causing CMSD’s graduation rate to rise and reach a record 69.1 percent.