•  Attendance Policy

    Daily attendance is essential to the progress of your child in school. If you are experiencing barriers to attendance, please contact our family support specialist, Mrs. Hanlon.
    Please note:
    • any child that arrives after 7:35am is considered tardy
    • any child who arrives 90 minutes after the start of the school day (9:00am) will be marked half day absence


    Tardy students must enter through the buzzer door and receive a tardy pass from the main office. All students who enter for breakfast will be escorted to their classrooms by a staff member. Any student who has entered the building prior to 7:35am and does not make it to the classroom with the assigned staff member will also be marked tardy. Tardy students are disruptive to the school day and often miss literacy and math instruction. Students will not be permitted to dismiss early unless we have written notification of a doctor’s appointment.
    Students with perfect attendance and no tardy marks will receive incentives monthly. Remember by state law it is the legal obligation of the parent to ensure that their child attends school regularly.
    Please note the excusable absences stated in the Student Code of Conduct Book:
    • Personal Illness
    • Illness in the Family
    • Quarantine of the home
    • Death of a relative
    • Homework due to the absence of parents or guardians with documentation
    • Observance of a religious holiday

    All other absences will be considered “unexcused.” Please call the office on the day your child will be absent and ALSO send a written note with your child’s name, date of absence, grade level, homeroom, and reason for the absence. In order for your child to be officially excused, this note must be brought to school. Otherwise, your child can be considered truant.

    Tardiness- If your child is tardy, please call the school at (216) 838-3400. Please give your name, your child’s name, their room number, and the reason for the tardy. You should also be prepared to inform the school as to approximately what time your child will be reporting to school.

    Absent- If your child is absent, please call (216) 838-3400 and have your child bring a note when he/she returns to school. Please provide your name, your child’s name, their room number, and the reason for the absence. Please make sure you date the note. Students are required to attend school by law.  Regular attendance is vital for student success.  Upon return of the child to school, a note must be sent explaining the reason for absence.  
    STATE LAW REQUIRES A NOTE.  The note must have the student’s name, date, reason for absence and the signature of the parent or guardian.