• CIHS Promotion Criteria

    At the core of Campus International's mission as a school is the idea of "challenging and supporting all community members" as learners. As such, the school is by design and as a matter of identity not a "selective" program. Yet in promoting a culture of support for all students, CIHS works hard to build self-awareness for learners such that they can set goals and monitor their progress towards those goals as they work to prepare themselves for success in the rigorous IB Diploma Programme, at university, and as adults in the careers they choose for themselves.

    CIHS' Promotion Criteria are meant to reflect four areas crucial to a "balanced" IB Learner's high school experience, with meeting these criteria a solid indicator that a student is prepared to make the most out of their experience in the Diploma Programme. As such, meeting these criteria are a minimum requirement for students to continue in the CIHS program, and the school focuses our energy on many creative strategies to support students in doing so. Students must meet promotion criteria requirements to earn the following:

    • 9th Grade (MYP Year 4): Promotion to MYP Year 5 (10th Grade)
    • 10th Grade (MYP Year 5): Promotion to Diploma Programme - MYP Completion
    • 11th Grade (DP Year 1): Qualification for DP Scholarship
    • 12th Grade (DP Year 2): Qualification for IB Diploma

    Students and their families receive progress trackers for Promotion Criteria with each interim progress report and report card beginning with the 2nd Quarter Interim Report at the end of November, with official progress trackers coming at the end of each semester.

    1. Credits & Grades
    Students must earn a certain number of credits and grade points in order to meet promotion criteria in this area.

    • 9th Grade (MYP Year 4): 7.0 credits & 62/126 possible grade points in MYP Year 4.
    • 10th Grade (MYP Year 5): 14.0 credits (cumulative) & 62/126 possible grade points in MYP Year 5.
    • 11th Grade (DP Year 1): 21.0 credits (cumulative) & 48/98 possible grade points in DP Year 1.
    • 12th Grade (DP Year 2): There are no grade or credit requirements for the IB Diploma but a student must earn credits in all classes to meet school requirements.

    Credits are awarded in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District at the end of each semester, with full-time classes counting for 0.5 credits per semester. Students must earn a D or higher (2 or higher in the IB grading scale) in order to earn a credit.

    Grade Points do not refer to a grade point "average" on a 4.0 scale as in many traditional high schools. At Campus International, we instead refer to Grade Points. This number is the sum of grades in all eight MYP Subject Areas plus the IB Core class in the MYP or in all six DP Subject Areas plus the IB Core class in the DP. From these nine grades, the "grade points” equals the sum of all classes (7 possible points in each class; 9 classes in MYP and 7 classes in DP). Therefore, there are 63 possible points per semester in MYP (126 per year) or 49 possible points per semester in DP (98 per year).

    2. Testing / Exams
    Students must satisfactorily complete state-level exams in order to meet promotion criteria in this area in the MYP and IB examinations in the DP.

    • 9th Grade (MYP Year 4): 10 points (cumulative) out of a possible 20 through the four OST exams administered to 9th grade students.
    • 10th Grade (MYP Year 5): 18 points (cumulative) out of a possible 35 including required number in each subject area through the seven OST exams administered to students prior to the close of their 10th grade year (4 in 9th grade and 3 in 10th grade).
    • 11th Grade (DP Year 1): On-Track for DP Examination Success as determined by DP internal assessments (specific criteria to be set prior to 2019-20 school year)
    • 12th Grade (DP Year 2): 24 points total on IB examinations.

    OSTs (Ohio State Tests) are administered as end-of-course exams in seven subjects in 9th grade (Algebra 1, English 1, Biology, US History) and 10th grade (Geometry, English 2, US Government). Students may earn up to five points on each exam but are required to earn 18 total in order to earn a high school diploma (including at least 4 points across the two English tests, 4 points across the two math tests, and six points across the three combined science and social studies tests). Students may retake the OSTs in July, December, and at the regular year-end OST administration in April.

    DP Exams include internal assessments (performance tasks scored by the school throughout the DP courses) and external assessments (an end-of-course exam administered at the end of DP Year 2 in all subjects). Together, student performance on these exams makes up the IB exam "score" that contributes to the total points required for graduation (24 out of a possible 45).

    3. CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)
    CAS is a central part of remaining "balanced" as an IB Learner, and students are required to meet CAS Hour requirements in MYP and DP.

    • 9th Grade (MYP Year 4): 40 hours (including summer prior to 9th grade). 
    • 10th Grade (MYP Year 5): 100 hours (140 hours cumulative in MYP).
    • 11th Grade (DP Year 1): 100 hours (including summer prior to 11th grade).
    • 12th Grade (DP Year 2): 250 hours (cumulative in DP) including completion of the CAS Project.

    CAS Hours can be earned through school-based extracurricular activities, trips, and internships, or through outside experiences. See the CAS Handbook on our website under Student Life in order to learn more.

    4. IB Projects
    The IB Projects are perhaps the most crucial aspect of an IB Learner's high school experience and students must earn satisfactory marks on all IB projects in order to qualify for promotion.

    • 9th Grade (MYP Year 4): 4 or higher (out of 7) on the YPAR (Youth Participatory Action Research) Community Project as demonstrated by the Semester 2 IB Core grade.
    • 10th Grade (MYP Year 5): 4 or higher (out of 7) on the Personal Project as demonstrated by the Semester 2 IB Core grade.
    • 11th Grade (DP Year 1): Extended Essay and CAS Project milestones reached.
    • 12th Grade (DP Year 2): "Satisfactory" Mark on the Extended Essay.
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