• CALSprouts is a preschool multi-arts program developed by The Center for Arts Inspired Learning. CALSprouts has been created to connect learning through the arts to Kindergarten readiness skills with a series of lessons and assessments that target the Ohio Department of Education's preschool assessment outcomes. CALSprouts utilizes multiple artistic genre's including musical sprouts, dancing sprouts, digital sprouts and illustrative sprouts. 

    During the fall of 2020, William Rainey Harper held a fundraising event and applied for grants through the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and MyCom to bring this amazing program to our 2 preschool classes. The program began virtually in February 2021, and will continue through May 2021. A professional teaching artist has engaged our preschool scholars in 6 weeks of musical sprouts and 6 weeks of dancing sprouts. Our preschool teachers have described the program as fun, engaging and effective.