• Office of ADM/Attendance

    The Office of ADM/Attendance is responsible for the Average Daily Membership (ADM) of each student enrolled in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Premier school attendance is achieved when a student is present 100% of the academic school year. TARGET 11 is a district-wide initiative designed to help parents track, monitor, and support attendance. When your child is absent due to illness or personal emergencies, remember that excessive absences, regardless of the reason, will impede your child’s ability to reach his or her academic potential in the classroom.

    The District employs 17 Attendance Liaisons who maintain a strong presence in all of the school buildings throughout the district. Each Attendance Liaison is responsible for identifying attendance barriers, referring students and families to the appropriate level of intervention, and when necessary developing reports for Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. The truancy component of this department works by collaborating with school teams and community- based organizations to create systemic interventions which strengthen and return families to regular school attendance.

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has the largest student enrollment in Cuyahoga County. Like most urban systems, Cleveland Metropolitan School District is faced with difficult student attendance challenges and your support of our attendance policy is key to keeping children on TARGET for success.
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    Office of ADM/Attendance
    East Professional Center 
    1349 E. 79th Street Suite 227
    Cleveland, OH 44103
    Lorri Hobson, Director of Attendance
    Email | 216-838-0220 (o) | 216-218-0937 (c) | 216-431-3153 (f)
    Kimberly Morgan, Administrative Assistant
    Email | 216-838-0220 (o)