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    Cleveland Early College High School

    School History, Demographics and Accreditation:

    Cleveland Early College High School has been open since 2002. The school is located on the John Hay Academic Campus. The school is in the Cleveland Metropolitan school district and is designed as the premier high school which attracts college bound, high achieving students across Cuyahoga County. The racial membership of the school is 86% African American, 7% White, 5% Hispanic and 2% Asian. Cleveland Early College High School has earned an A on the state report card for the 2018 School Year.

    Graduation Requirements:    Grading Scale:          Honors Scale:

    English                          4 credits                       Grading Scale                            A=5

    Fine Arts                       1 credit                         A = 93%-100%                           B=4

    Health                          0.5 credit                      B =85%-92.9%                           C=3

    Mathematics                4 credits                       C = 75%-84.9%                          D=2

    Foreign Language          1 credit                         D = 65%-74.9%                          F=0

    Physical Education        0.5 credit                      F = 64.9% and below

    Science                         3 credits

    Social Studies                3 credits

    Electives                       6 credits


    Average ACT Composite: 22


    School Mission and Educational Philosophy


    Cleveland Early College High School is an academically rigorous, collaborative, nurturing, and globally minded learning institution that empowers scholars to take ownership of their learning experience, achieve at optimal levels and experience continued success in post-secondary education and beyond.  


    At Cleveland Early College High School, students learn in a high-achieving, rigorous college preparatory environment. Students are immersed in relevant and meaningful interdisciplinary learning experiences that foster 21st century skills that are sought after by businesses and universities alike. The curriculum at CECHS is enriched by a multitude of learning opportunities. Students may participate in post-secondary coursework concurrently with their high school classes through the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program, High-Tech Academy, KAP classes through Kenyon College and the dual credit math class offered on campus through Kent State University. CECHS has earned an Excellent rating on the state report card and been named a School of Promise for 13 consecutive years. We were named a Needle in a Haystack School by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and have finished in the top three high schools in the state on the Ohio Graduation Test in 2012. In 2012, CECHS earned the highest Performance Index Score in the state on the Ohio Graduation Test. 



    Cleveland Early College High School - Grow. Thrive. Excel.


    8 Core Values:










    Highlighted Academic Offerings

    • AP CHemistry, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Language and Composition, AP Government
    • Honors French
    • African American History
    • Honors Art
    • Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program
    • High-Tech Academy
    • College study treated not as an option, but as an expectation for students, regardless of family income, status, ethnicity, or religion.
    • Curriculum rooted in 21st century skills: lessons in critical/analytical thinking, communication and problem-solving techniques.
    • Criteria-based admission policy requires a 3.5 or higher grade point average and proficiency in reading and math on state standardized assessments.
    • Freshman Residency Program – Freshman students have the opportunity to start school earlier than their peers in order to receive pertinent instruction and academic support prior to starting the school year.


    Student Engagement and Activities

    • ACT/SAT Prep and General Academic Assistance
    • Environmental Club
    • Cooking Club
    • A.V.E. Peer Mediation
    • O.W. Anti Bullying Group
    • Student Council
    • Mock Trial—CMSD and state-level teams
    • Case Connection Zone
    • Golf
    • Cross Country
    • Track (Indoor, Outdoor)
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Football
    • Tennis
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Bowling
    • Weightlifting
    • Softball

    Community Involvement/Partnerships

    • Tucker, Ellis, and West - 3R's program
    • Northeast Ohio Medical Health Professions Affinity Community
    • Cleveland Bar Association
    • University Hospitals
    • Kenyon College
    • Kent State University
    • Cleveland State University
    • Cuyahoga Community College
    • CollegeNow of Greater Cleveland
    • University Circle

    Parent Involvement

    • Jupiter Grades online Grading and communication software
    • Parent Socials
    • School Parent Organization
    • School Newsletters
    • Academic and Grade Level Nights
    • Parent Workshops/Informative Sessions
    • Dedicated Parent Conference time built into teacher schedules
    • Dean of Engagement and Student Supports


    Student Resources and Services

    • Student Support Teams
    • Student support teams with the student at the center of the conversation
    • Bellefaire JCB Counseling Services
    • Student Council



    There are multiple computer labs for student use in the school.  Each classroom is equipped with computers and a projector system.    In the Beta Room, a large, state-of-the-art Cisco telepresence unit permits students to participate in teleconnected learning opportunities.  Students can also learn through state-of-the-art, zero lag time teleconferencing software.  Additionally, the school has been mapped for the metaverse, which allows students to participate in learning simulations. Students have access to both Mac and PC products, a student work center with computers and color printers, and a project room.



    Cleveland Early College High School is an extremely safe environment in which students learn and thrive.  A zero-tolerance policy maintains an environment that is conducive to learning.  Dress code is required for all students attending CECHS.  The school maintains safety and evacuation plans as well. 



    CECHS has maintained a 100% graduation rate for 13 consecutive years.

    CECHS has earned an A on the State Report Card

    CECHS has maintained a 100% college acceptance rate for 13 consecutive years.

    CECHS has been named a School of Promise for 13 consecutive years.

    CECHS has earned an Excellent rating on the state report card for 13 consecutive years.

    CECHS earned the highest Performance Index score among high schools in the state of Ohio on the 2012 Ohio Graduation Test and has earned the third highest score in the state in both 2013 and 2014. 

    CECHS has been a recipient of several grants to promote teleconnected STEM education. CECHS is piloting a program in zero lag time STEM education in conjunction with a grant from the National Science Foundation. 

    CECHS piloted the Ohio Connected Health Project in conjunction with Governor Kasich’s Office, Ohio Department of Education, Cisco Systems, OneCommunity, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, CMSD and Akron Public Schools.

    CECHS was named a Needle in a Haystack School by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

    CECHS was featured in Exam Schools by Chester Finn.

    CECHS has alumni attending prestigious colleges and universities such as Amherst College, Emory University, Oberlin College, West Point Military Academy, Case Western Reserve University, American University, Howard University, Barnard College, The Ohio State University, Berea College and New York University.

    CECHS has alumni attending prestigious universities abroad such as New York University Shanghai, China.

    CECHS celebrates Mock Trial Champions, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2016