• School Uniforms

    Seniors are exempt from the dress code, unless minimum dress code requirements are not followed! See below.

    To help create an environment conducive to learning, students at Cleveland Early College are required to follow the dress code. Our Dress for Success policy is designed to permit students to focus their attention on academics and on those aspects of their personalities that are truly important. 

    **Please note that dress code guidelines will be strictly adhered to throughout the John Hay Campus next year. Students who violate the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the student rights and responsibilities handbook.

    Minimum Dress Code Requirements for Seniors:

    • No Shorts
    • No Crop Shirts
    • No Tank Tops
    • No Strapless Shirts or Dresses
    • No Short Skirts
    • No Hats, Hoods, Wave Caps or Bonnets
    • No Open-Toe Shoes

    General Guidelines/Acceptable Attire for All Others:


    • Solid white, royal blue, or gray shirts (no sheer shirts allowed), polo shirts, crew neck sweatshirt, button-down, V-neck or turtleneck style. Please refrain from wearing items with designs/logos larger than 1 inch in diameter. (EX, small polo or Izod logos are ok, screen printed words and designs larger than a small logo are not) **Please note that the underlying guidance for our policy is professional dress. This does not include sheer shirts, crop tops, undershirts, or the like. Your choices should reflect the distinguished scholars that you all are. Please be sure to wear royal blue shirts, not navy blue. It is my hope that our choices reflect our school pride and the Early College colors: solid white, royal blue, and gray.
    • Black, white, royal blue or gray (solid) cardigans/sweaters may be worn over the shirt (no designs, stripes, or print is allowed on the sweater).
    • Early College hoodies(only)/Early College shirts/Early College tops can be worn at any time. Once entering the building, hoods will remain down. If the hood goes up at any time while in the building, the privilege to wear the Early College hoodie (only) will be taken from said scholar. This is a safety concern; therefore, all scholars will strictly adhere to this policy. **Hoodies that are not Early College gear will NOT be allowed.


    • PLAIN blue denim pants (no tears, cuts, or slits), solid black or khaki loose-fitting pants or knee-length/Bermuda shorts (regular shorts are prohibited).
    • Solid denim, black or khaki skirts, knee-length or below. 


    • Shoes may be flat, athletic, casual, or dress shoes with heels no higher than 1 inch. No slides or flip-flops.
    • Headbands of any color may be worn ONLY if they are less than 2 inches in width. Headbands that are not within these guidelines are not allowed. Hats, scarves, hoods, and wave caps (or any similar item) are prohibited except for religious items. 

    Special Considerations

    • College Credit Plus Students - The school has purchased a specially designed hoodie for every enrolled CCP student that can be worn any day of the week. Students will be able to update their CCP hoodie with CCP patches every time they pass one of their CCP classes! As students earn patches, they can be pressed onto their CCP hoodie in our first ever CECHS spirit store!!!
    • Student Athletes – Please adhere to the regular dress code at all times. John Hay athletics jackets, sports uniforms, warm-ups etc. can be worn on game days only.
    • Juniors with only 1 class on campus must adhere to the uniform policy.


    • All outerwear (hats, hoodies, coats, jackets, scarves, gloves etc.) must be maintained in the student’s locker during the school day. These items cannot be worn at all while on campus and will not be permitted in classrooms (includes hallways and in between classes).
    • Uniforms must always be worn under any approved outerwear (sweaters and school-approved/logo jackets).
    • Please be sure that the student has a uniform-friendly sweater during winter months. No outerwear other than the allowed solid black or white sweater or school-designated items will be allowed in the classroom. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

    Violation of Dress Code:

    (Parents are responsible for bringing a change of clothes)

    1st offense: Verbal warning and Parent Phone Call

    2nd offense: Parent phone call, Isolation until change of clothes has been received.

    3rd offense: Chronic issue; meeting with admin team needed in order to find resolution.