• Hi Families - Welcome to the School Parent Organization (SPO)
    The School Parent Organization at Campus International School in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is the organization that serves to grow and develop our community. Fundamental to our organization is a belief that everyone – parents, teachers, and students – play an important role in this mission. There are no forms to fill out or dues to pay – this is YOUR organization.
    Remember, volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean committing a significant amount of time. Even small contributions, like assisting with a one-time event or chaperoning a field trip, can make a meaningful difference for your child’s school experience. 
    Volunteering at your child’s school can bring numerous benefits for both you and your child:
    • SUPPORTING YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION: It allows you to actively engage with your child’s learning environment, understand their educational needs, and support their academic journey.
    • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Volunteering provides an opportunity to build relationships with your child’s teachers, administrators, and other parents, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.
    • SETTING A POSITIVE EXAMPLE: By volunteering, you demonstrate to your child the importance of contributing to their community and the value of education.
    • GAINING INSIGHT: You get a firsthand view of the school’s operations, curriculum, and challenges, which can provide insight into how you can better support your child’s education at home.
    • MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Volunteering contributes to the school’s success by providing additional resources, support, and manpower, ultimately benefiting all students.
    • STRENGTHENING COMMUNICATION: Volunteering enables better communication between parents and teachers, allowing for more open dialogue about your child’s progress and any concerns.
    • CREATING A SENSE OF BELONGING: Your involvement in school activities can help your child feel more connected and comfortable in their school environment.
    • BOOSTING PARENTAL ENGAGEMENT: Research suggests that parental involvement positively impacts a child’s academic success and overall well-being.
    Thank you so much for your time!
    Polly Karr, SPO President – Heather Rey, SPO Vice President – Sarah Tan, SPO 2nd Vice President
    Nikki Mansoor, SPO Corresponding Secretary – Becky Lopez, SPO Fundraising Chair – John McGovern, SPO Treasurer
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