• M. Cohen is our Art Teacher! 


  • Your child has the option to participate in Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band and Choir in PYP and MYP. Students will be given Recorder Instruments beginning in 3rd grade, and  your explorer can audition for roles for our Disney Musical. We announce the Disney Musical in October and they audition for roles in the play and practice once a week until they perform at CSU's Auditorium for family and friends. We need plenty of parent volunteer's if you're interested! In 4th grade, they get to choose their musical career! 

    Our music teachers are:

    K- 3rd – Mrs. Janice Pohl : janice.pohl@clevelandmetroschools.org

    4th - 8th – Mr. Jason Levy : jason.levy@clevelandmetroschools.org

    4th - 8h – Mrs. Jennifer Lewis : jennifer.lewis@clevelandmetroschools.org


  • 4th - 8th POKEMON CLUB –
    Students looking for a fun opportunity to compete, flex their strategy and reasoning skills, and dive into the wonderful world of Pokémon are in for a treat. Kris Harsh accepts 20 kids MAX to participate in this club once a week, some of those children are returning from the previous year, so get on his waitlist. Contact Kris at Kris.Harsh@gmail.com
    CHESS CLUB Your child has the option to participate in our Award Winning Chess Club! Contact Noreen Nasca at Noreen.Nasca@clevelandmetroschools.org for more information! 

    4th - 8th MATH OLYMPIAD CLUB – 
    Stacey Steggart at s.steggert@gmail.com and Polly Karr at PollyKarr@gmail.com will be point of contact for this new club at Campus!

    SKI CLUB We are pleased to announce the kickoff of our 5 week ski club program for ages 8-18 at Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort. Registration begins in October for the ski/snowbaording season in January of the following year. Your student will be able to ski or snowboard during the week for lessons. The costs per child will include a lift ticket, ski/snowboard rental, and a one-hour lesson. Transportation from the school to the resort is not available, so you will need to find your own means of transportation. Contact Sarah Gyorki for more information. 

    Please contact Campus International if you are in need of Before Care or After Care programs. Our care programs are run by Playhosue Sqaure. Please contact Sarah Demetruk at s.demetruk@clevelandplayhouse.com AND Sarah Days at sdays@sayyescleveland.com