• Hornet Learners Today...
    Leaders Tomorrow 

    Tamika Taylor-Ivory, Principal   Christine Wade, Assistant Principal   



    Mission:  All students will become confident communicators, critical thinkers,

    explore the world with character through student –centered rigorous & relevant experimental learning and problem solving opportunities in order to prepare them for 21st century learning goals to become productive members of society.

    Miles Park introduces our Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow STEAM Club. This club is to prepare our students in becoming the leaders they are meant to be. Students will be building their confidence as they take on leadership roles, serve as a positive role model and productive citizen here at Miles Park as they work on STEAM projects.

    STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. STEAM skills are vital for success in the 21st century and critical to our collective future. Research shows that these skills are transferable and needed in every job sector. STEAM education provides the underpinnings for every child to be successful in college, work, and life.

    Learning Today… Leading Tomorrow STEAM Club at Miles Park, students will be using the  "Critical C's"  Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication and focus on developing critical workplace skills such as collaborating effectively as a team member, creatively solving complex problems, communicating effectively and appropriately, and thinking critically.


    • Special honor and recognition throughout the year

    • Field trips (team building, leadership,...)

    • Designated seating area for events, lunch, breakfast…

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