• Dear Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus Community:

    Nine years ago this month, I returned to the Glenville Community as a Principal at CMSD. It was then, and remains so today, my dream job. Over these last few years, our school families have grown into a two-building, PreK to 8th grade Campus community. As a team we have ushered in a new era as a Montessori school. Bringing back a pedagogical tradition to the Glenville community. 

    I want to provide you with an update on the work toward becoming a fully implemented Montessori campus. 

    1. The district leadership team continues to support us in this work and helps provide resources and strategic guidance.  
    2. Over the last year we have eleven teachers that have began their credentialing process. 
    3. All new team members that are not currently Montessori credentialed will attend an orientations course in Montessori theory course this school year.
    4. The lower campus parking lot is currently being renovated due to the grant Montessori Development Partnerships secured with the Northeast Ohio Sewer District Green Infrastructure Grant. 
    5. This summer, lower elementary and upper elementary classrooms have been updated with Montessori materials and furnishings.
    This big work has many moving parts and pieces. I am honored to lead this work on behalf of our amazing Team and community of scholars. As we continue to grow and move forward together, we will share other important milestones of this process.
    At Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus our top priority is supporting and growing every student, in every class. Your children and their ideal development remain our number-one collective concern and goal. The entirety of the Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus is committed to developing your child's potential to its fullest. 
    Thank you for continuing to choose SWMC as your educational home. I look forward to seeing you and your scholar(s) soon!
    Warm regards,

    Principal Ari