• The following article was written by; Sapadah Thomas, Davion Allen and Ramont Bolden, Equipment Supervisors and Managers 

    Volleyball Magic 

    The girls in the Adolescent Hall have been trying out a new adventure. The girls play volleyball in the Erie League. Most of the girls have not played before but improve every week! The team consists of teammates, score keepers, managers, and equipment supervisors.  

    The girls played three games. The current record is 1-2. According to Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Eleni, “The girls get better each week.” “I am proud to watch them grow!”  

    This new adventure has brought a new sense of community to our hallway. We were missing the feeling of community post track season. Mrs. Ari had the great idea of making a volleyball team. Ms. Michelle decided to get trained and join this new adventure.  

    The girls and team managers and supervisors practice 3 to 4 days a week. The team also practices during recess and open gym time. Ms. Eleni even pulls them for 1 on 1 expertise sessions. Ms. Hill, Ms. Kris, Ms. Deb and Mr. Michael support the team with extra support if a class is missed or needed. We really ATTACKED it as a hall!!!  

    The girls may be the players, but the whole school community is involved!!!!! 

    New Vocabulary Words for Volleyball 

    Can you define them all???? 


    Set Spike 

    Attack Line 







    Volleyball Season 2023


                 Supporting the team!!                                                           First official game with Clara Westropp


    Lady Wolves!!!
    Girls have on last game on Halloween at Orchard. Let us hope to finish strong with a win!!! We have seen them grow in confidence and skills. Hopefully, we can have a staff vs team game soon! We, the students at SBW love those match ups!!!!
    Adrianah and La'Nya keep up those Aces!!!  Michelle, Kennedy and Sajayah continue to break out strong!
    On Monday (10-23-23), us boys got to experience something new at the SBW vs Dennison game. We were line judges! Boy were we nervous, but we figured it out and did well. Plus, Kendoll and Lauryn were scoreboard trackers. Nothing we can not handle thanks to the help of Youtube. See, technology and phone use go hand and hand. 
    Article completed by:
    Davion Allen 
    Sapadah Thomas