• Welcome to Stonebrook-White Montessori! We are a unique collaborative in process of developing a comprehensive Montessori campus in historic Glenville. 

    In 2020, an innovative new campus was created through partnership with CMSD and the former Stonebrook Montessori. Under the leadership of CEO Gordon and the Stonebrook Board of Directors, a plan was developed to draw on the strengths of the Michael R. White and Stonebrook teams to form a Montessori Campus on the East Side of Cleveland for children ages 3 through 15. 

    Due to the pandemic, this year marks our first year as a fully integrated Campus. Over the next two years, Principal Hayes will continue to work parents, teachers, the District team, and the Montessori Advisory Council to continue to build the pathway for the campus to continue the journey of becoming a comprehensive Montessori Campus. We are excited about this big work and will provide regular feedback and updates as the school year progresses.

    We are excited to share some important updates with you:

    Stonebrook Building:
    The SB building houses our PreK through 3rd grade students and staff members.

    Michael R. White Building:
    The MRW building houses our 4th-8th grade students and staff members.

    Campus Conference Reports and Grading:
    Single-grade classrooms will continue to use CMSD grading scale and report cards.
    Montessori classrooms will continue to use Transparent Classroom for conference information to convey progress on the standards-based report.

    Montessori Certification:
    Principal Hayes and the Re-design team have been hard at work identifying partners to for Montessori training for the Campus. This year all staff members will be attending Montessori orientation courses at each educational level across the campus. 

    Classroom Support:
    We are excited to share that we are able to provide all Campus classrooms with a Teaching Assistant this year! 

    We thank you for being a part of this exciting educational journey with us!