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  • Welcome to the Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus! 

    Please Review These Important Upcoming Dates:


    September 29th - School Picture Day


    Progress reports will be sent home the week of September 25th


    Grading Update for Montessori Classrooms
    Our Montessori-Multi Age Classrooms will be moved to a Report Card-based grading system. To support families and students receiving consistent feedback, we will be moving to the District Report Card system.  We will be using the terms "Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory". Your Classroom Teachers will continue to provide academic progression at conferences and scheduled meetings. 

    Use of Cell Phones
    The school environment is centered around learning and being in community together. Last year, cell phone usage and abuses were common reasons for significant disruption in the classrooms, hurt feelings between friends, and unsafe behaviors. The school reserves the right to ask students to put phones away, determine where cell phone usage is allowed, and confiscate phones for parent pick-up. If a teacher or administrator asks for phones to be put away, the expectation is that students do so. Please talk to your students about safe and responsible cell phone usage during school hours.

    Dress Code
    Our District transitioned to a non-uniform dress code two years ago. While almost all expectations were met, there were a couple of challenges along the way. Please review the school expectations with your students:

    1. If a Classroom Teacher requests a student take off a hat, cap, or hoodie it is expected the student will do so without arguing, and in a timely manner.
    2. Ripped jeans cannot include rips that place up-high at thigh level or above.
    3. Shorts and skirts must be longer than a student's hand when arms are placed on their sides.
    4. Scholars may not be shirtless or wear under-shirts as primary clothing. Shirts must cover the entire torso area.

    If you student is out of dress code, depending on the severity, we may request a change of clothes or request you pick your scholar up. We appreciate your partnership in helping avoid unnecessary calls home! You can review the Dress Code Guidelines from the District here. 

    How to Log into Clever and Schoology
    CMSD students are still using many of the platforms we used last year. In case you or your student has issues logging in from home, we have provided directions below.
    Directions for Logging Into Clever and Schoology:

    • Turn on your student’s laptop/iPad (it may require it to be plugged in for the first time) 
    • Locate the Clever icon on the iPad (it is a big blue C) 
    • Click on the Clever icon 
    • Select the sign in option that says “Login with School” 
    • Type in Stonebrook White Montessori; it will eventually populate. Make sure the one you select says it is Cleveland Metropolitan School District. 
    • Select "Sign On with Active Directory" 
    • Enter in your student’s email address AND their password 
    • Once logged into Clever – scroll down until you see the Schoology option (it is a big S) 
    • Click on Schoology 
    • Once inside Schoology, select “Courses” at the top of the page 
    • Primary classrooms ONLY have 1 course;  all other classes (K-8) select the English course for your child. The Zoom link will be posted at the top of the page. 
    • IF, for some reason, your laptop or iPad does not have the Clever App already downloaded, you can go the District web site to access Clever. It is under the 'Students' drop down. Once you have selected Clever, follow the directions above.

    Please be aware that our school time K-8 for BOTH buildings on the Campus is 9:35am to 4:05pm

    Review the Carline Process for the Stonebrook Building
    We have streamlined the carline process at our Stonebrook Montessori building. Parents will not be able to park at either drop-off or pick-up times. Parents will need to pull all the way through the parking lot and stop for student drop-off/pick-up at the first available traffic cone. Stonebrook staff will be available to direct and to help students out of the vehicle. Please watch the videos below. 

    Carline Video 1

    Carline Video 2

    Parent Access to Campus Buildings
    Please remember that following health and safety protocols, we have restricted building access to scheduled appointments. If you need to meet with your teachers or an Administrator, please call your building's secretary and request an appointment. We appreciate your understanding as we limit exposure of outside adults in our buildings for the health and safety of all. 

    At the Stonebrook White Montessori Campus the Community is our learning space. 
    Located near the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and University Circle, our two-building campus provides scholars with many educational opportunities that expand beyond the classroom. Our teachers use a hands-on curriculum that helps scholars develop the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st Century.

    Our students:
    • Participate in art, music, gym and computer classes.
    • Benefit from partnerships with Say Yes Cleveland, Famicos Foundation, Case Western Reserve University, Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, Outspoken Lit, Montessori Development Partnerships, and many more.



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  • Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus

    Address: 1000 East 92nd Street
    Cleveland, OH 44108

    Phone: 216.838.2300
    Campus School Hours:
    9:35 a.m. - 4:05 p.m.

    Principal: Ariel Hayes

    Network Leader:
    Sonja Clark

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