• Math: Personalized instruction through common data collection and protocol

    ELA: Develop pieces of writing that references texts, and uses essential questions from Wit & Wisdom

    Foundational Literacy: Increase mastery of phonological awareness skills/standards and phonics/word recognition skills/standards and improve fluency (i.e., accuracy, rate, and prosody) using skills blocks

    ENCORE: Provide access to and evaluation of extended learning opportunities



    Academic Program Overview

    To provide our students with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes for success, we use the following:

    • One to one iPad technology school (each student will have an iPad to use for instructional learning)
    • STEM Designation learning platform
    • Apple Distingued School 
    • Eureka Math k-5
    • Wit and Wisdom (Reading Curriculum k-5)
    • Moby Max (Technology Instruction platform)
    • eSpark (Technology Instruction platform)
    • PATHs - Providing Alternative Thinking Strategies for K - 5
    • Social Studies Curriculum K - 5
    • Science Fusion Curriculum K - 8
    • History Alive Social Studies Curriculum for 6 - 8
    • Leveled Literacy Intervention (reading)
    • Inquiry-Based Science Kit Curriculum for K - 8
    • 6 + 1 Traits of Writing for K - 5