• MetroHealth Experience

    At Lincoln-West School of Science and Health our partnership with the MetroHealth System allows our students to experience how the content they are learning in the classroom applies to workplace and community experiences.

    Freshmen participate in an introduction to the organizational structure of the MetroHealth System through monthly experiences and MetroHealth workshops.

    Sophomores engage in monthly career talks to learn about the many occupational opportunities and education and training options that best match their interests and career goals.

    Juniors participate in job mentoring where they meet with a MetroHealth staff member monthly to discuss career pathways and opportunities within the MetroHealth System. Whether or not healthcare is desired by students, we believe that professional mentoring gives our scholars the tools they need to make confident, informed decisions about their futures. 

    Seniors are placed in a 120-hour internship, which is a requirement of the senior capstone course, where they take on the role of a worker within the MetroHealth System one day a week and are given classroom opportunities to reflect on their experiences in the workplace. 

MetroHealth Mentor
MH Mentor