• Project ACT

    The ongoing public health crisis has caused hardship to many of our families, including their ability to access their most basic needs, including food and affordable housing. Our Project ACT team provides needed support for a growing number of families who find themselves homeless during this difficult time. Allow us to support you and your family with the many supports available through Project ACT and a number of community agencies. 

    Project ACT is a Cleveland Metropolitan School District program dedicated to supporting homeless children and families with support in every grade, including life skills coaches at select schools, referrals for counseling services, help with obtaining birth certificates, medical coverage, food stamps and social security. Project ACT provides a weekly food bag, meal pickup and incentives for good attendance and academic progress in school.

    By law, children and families are considered homeless if they do not have a “fixed” regular and adequate nighttime residence, or are:

    • Staying in substandard housing.
    • Left home without consent of parents.
    • Asked to leave home by a parent/legal guardian.
    • Living in a shelter, including emergency and transitional shelters for domestic violence and runaway/ homeless youth shelters.
    • Living doubled-up with a friend, relative or someone else due to eviction, foreclosure, natural disaster or economic hardship.
    • Staying in a motel, hotel, trailer park or campground because they have nowhere else to go.
    • Living in places not ordinarily used for sleeping, including cars, parks, public places, abandoned buildings or bus/train stations
    • Living doubled-up without a legal guardian due to lack of formal custody papers while parent(s) are incarcerated, or hospitalized.


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