• Technology Support

     If a student is experiencing a technology issue, the District is providing technology support for all students and families during this time of remote learning. The IT Call Center can be reached at 216-838-0440 and has extended their hours from 7AM to 7PM daily. The call center staff are able to support you with Schoology and Clever issues, as well as update your laptop, or support you with logging into your device. Additionally, our school provides in-house technology support by appointment ONLY. Appointments can be schedules online at tinyurl.com/LWSHTechRepair. During your appointment, our technology specialist will assess your issue, attempt to fix it, or switch out your device completely.

    Throughout remote learning it is going to be important for parents/guardians to have an email address that you check daily. Our staff will use this method of communication to share with you updates, learning experiences, and provide feedback on your student's performance throughout the school year. If you currently do not have an email address, we highly recommend  you create a Gmail account to participate in this two-way communication with our staff.

    In the event that a student is kicked out of a teacher-led live class session, the student should refresh their page and try to log back in. If the student is still unable to log back in, they should email their teacher of the class immediately. Following an email to the teacher, the student should call the IT Call Center to resolve the issue. It is important to note, that technology issues will not negatively impact your student's attendance if these steps are followed.