• Student Organizations

    Lincoln-West School of Science and Health offers a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved. Student organizations have a significant impact in providing effective learning environments for students and preparing them to live and work in a global community.

    In addition to building lasting friendships, student organizations provide many benefits including serving as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding, and community engagement. Moreover, research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers.

    It is also important to note, that your involvement in a student organization can support you with meeting the state's requirements for demonstrating readiness to graduate through earning a student engagement seal.

    Below is a list of student organizations offered at Lincoln-West School of Science and Health:


    HOSA-Future Health Professionals empowers students to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience and develops leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science instructional program.


    Yearbook Club produces the school's annual yearbook. Yearbook Club provides high school students with the opportunity to assist in yearbook sales, photography and design. Students help to promote yearbook sales by making posters and distributing yearbook information. Students also assist in designing the pages of the yearbook.
     National Honor Society The National Honor Society elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students in grades 10-12 are eligible to apply for membership if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; are involved in voluntary contributions to their school or community; are proven student leaders who are resourceful, good problem solvers, and idea contributors; and demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability; show courtesy, concern, and respect for others; and maintain a clean disciplinary record.
     Student Council The National Student Council is a group of elected and volunteer students working together to create opportunities for students to become effective leaders through encouraging and influencing a positive school climate. The goals of our student council are to build a climate of caring and tolerance through volunteerism and service to others, give every student an opportunity to be heard, and encourage students to become involved in school and community leadership.
     ACE Program The ACE Mentor Program is open to any high school student who wants to learn about a career in design and construction — from contracting and engineering to architecture and landscaping. As a participant, you’ll join a team of other students led by adult mentors who are practicing industry professionals. ACE immerses you in the profession by engaging you in actual building projects that can range from new schools and mixed-use developments to amphitheatres and temporary housing for movie stars on location. You’ll visit professional offices, job sites and other relevant locations. You’ll discuss the same issues, and perform the same tasks, as if you worked in the industry. ACE gives you a practical hands-on view of how abstract concepts get transformed into the buildings that make up our everyday reality.

    Peacemakers consists of our peer mediators and other students interested in building peace on our campus and in their communities. The Peacemakers Club organizes many school-wide activities and events including New Student Orientation; Peer Support; Annual Toy Drive; Peer Mediation; No-Name Calling Week; and Youth Talk Fridays.