• Long-Term School Plan

    In October 2019 CEO Eric Gordon recommended to the Board of Education made a recommendation to build a new Lincoln-West campus to house the Global Studies and Science & Health programs. This recommendation will not affect current operations for this school year, as the District completes the Long-Term School Planning process and shares additional information about this and other recommendations.

    The Long-Term School Planning process is a continuation of CMSD’s Master Facilities Plan, last revised in 2014 and built on the Cleveland Plan. Together, they embodied the city’s vision of ensuring quality schools in every neighborhood and have resulted in construction and renovation of 43 K-8 schools and 13 high school buildings across the city. Community feedback gathered in both the spring and fall of this 2019 was the result of a thoughtful review of current data and a request to citizens to make recommendations based on a Citywide Analysis of changes in enrollment, academic quality, program viability, and building condition, costs and utilization across the city since 2014.

    The District's collective goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to choose high quality academic programs in modernized buildings and to deploy our limited resources in the most efficient manner across the city. I look forward to seeing you at our next round of regional meetings, where I will share recommendations and seek your feedback, as we continue planning together for quality schools for all of Cleveland’s kids.

    Visit QualitySchoolsforCLEkids.org for more information, where you can view the citizen feedback in its entirety, along with the resulting recommendations for our schools.

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