• Student Support Services

    The Student Support Services Team of Lincoln-West School of Science and Health provides a coordinated system of services to enhance student learning by addressing barriers that impact the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of students.

    Our Student Support Services Team consists of:

    • 5 intervention specialists
    • 3 bilingual instructional aides
    • 1 speech therapist
    • 1 campus coordinator
    • 1 Say Yes coordinator
    • 1 linkage coordinator
    • 1 school nurse
    • 3 paraprofessionals
    • 1 school psychologist
    • 1 school counselor
    • 1 community counseling therapist
    • 1 planning center instructional aide


    Our team works together to consistently utilize a child-centered, team approach to plan and deliver needed services to students, staff, and families that address the following goals:  

    • To provide a diversified array of student support services that are developmentally appropriate and research-based. 
    • To provide effective school-based and community-based services in the areas of social and emotional learning.
    • To promote school, family, and community collaboration to ensure that every student receives the necessary supports to enhance their cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth and development.

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