• Contact Yvonne Faison if you have questions about enrolling your child at Tremont Montessori School, yvonne.faison@clevelandmetroschools.org or call 216.838.9850.

    Where can I register my child for school?

    Parents/Legal Guardians may register children at any neighborhood school. See the School Directory for a list of schools, addresses and hours. Students also may be registered at the Office of School Choice & Enrollment, 1111 Superior Avenue, 216.838.3675.

    All FORMS regarding registration can be downloaded on the Forms page.

    There are some exceptions:

    • Students with special needs (IEPs – Individualized Education Plans) or those with suspected disabilities must contact the Special Education Office, 1111 Superior Avenue, 216.838.7733.
    • Students who speak a language other than English or live in a household where another language is spoken must register at the Multilingual Welcome Center, 3145 West 46th, Cleveland, Ohio 44102. Telephone number 216.404.5159 or 216.404.5113.
    • Families that are homeless, doubled-up with other families or in some other type of transition, should contact Project ACT, 1111 Superior Avenue, 216.838.0210.

    How are students assigned to schools?

    It is CMSD's goal to assign students based on the school preference of the parent/legal guardian. All parents/legal guardians are encouraged to actively choose the school their students will attend. However, some assignments will be based on the closest school to the parent/legal guardian's address where the student can receive their required educational services. In situations where the requested school is at capacity and classrooms at the requested school has no space for additional students, the student will be assigned parent/guardian's next choice school.
    The application process begins in early spring. Parents may submit choices by visiting the School Choice Portal at ChooseCMSD.org or by contacting the School Choice and Enrollment Office at 216.838.3675. 

    The following documents are required for registration:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Record (Baby Shots)
    • Proof of Address
    • Withdrawal Form, most recent Report Card, or Transcript
    • Guardian’s State ID
    • Guardianship/Custody Documents (if applicable)

    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to print the Enrollment Form. The completed form should be taken to the registration site along with all required documents. 

    The Registration Checklist can be downloaded on the Forms page.

    Immunization Record

    When registering your child, verify that the same name is on the birth certificate and the health record.

    The immunization document must be an official record. It should be initialed or signed by a healthcare professional. Acceptable documents include a doctor’s form, a “baby book” or a Head Start form.

     Visit the Nursing and Health Services page for a detailed list of immunizations required. 

    Do you need help locating documents?

    Birth Certificates for children born in the Cleveland area may be secured from the Cuyahoga County Bureau of Vital Statistics, City Hall, 601 Lakeside Avenue, 216.664.2317. The cost is $25.

    Your child’s doctor, clinic or previous school may have copies of Immunization Records. Students need to retake shots if immunization records cannot be located. Some clinics offer free shots. Clinics Flyer-English | Clinics Flyer-Spanish

    Several forms of address verification are accepted. Some examples include mortgage or lease agreements, recent utility bills, payroll documents or recent tax statements. Contact Project ACT, 216.838.0210, if you are staying with another family and don’t have proof of address.

    Copies of any documents pertaining to guardianship must be presented at the time of registration. Court documents may include divorce decrees, Juvenile Court orders or Probate Court orders.

    Call the Office of School Choice & Enrollment if you have any questions about documents required for registration, 216.838.5437. 



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