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    Contact Information

    Office of School Choice and Enrollment

    1111 Superior Ave. E, Cleveland, OH
    - select the Office of School Choice in the upper-right hand corner, then date and time.

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) serves more than 36,000 students in approximately 100 locations. Our schools cover the entire spectrum of learning and offer a variety of extracurricular and community activities.



    • Vibrant classrooms where learning is joyous, adventurous and applicable to real-world experiences
    • Teachers who are committed to ensuring every child from preschool to 12th grade is on a path to graduation
    • A rigorous curriculum that challenges scholars to engage in complex tasks and master skills needed for success in a 21st Century global economy
    • Scholars dedicated to ensuring all graduates leave CMSD with skills, confidence and a belief in their limitless potential
    • Active engagement where parents are partners in their child's success


    Preschool student
    Our highly rated (4 & 5-stars) preschool programs believe that a young child's learning is enhanced through play and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Our preschool programs provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a community of learners.
    Kindergarten student
    Kindergarten provides a sound educational foundation for any student. It not only boosts a child's academic achiervement, it also strengthens their social and emotional skills. Kindergarten helps prepare children for future learning.
    1-8 student
    Grades 1 through 8 continue to provide students with the foundations for academic achievement. Students develop their reading, math, language, communication and other critical thinking skills.
    high school student
    High School is where students participate in advanced learning opportunities and begin to prepare for life after high school including career training or college preparation. Students have a choice in selecting from among our 30 high schools to find the best match for their interests and passions.




    For the current 2023-24 school year, visit our downtown offices at 1111 Superior Ave E or the school of your choice for registration and enrollment.