• Immunization Summary for School Attendance in Ohio

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    Immunizations Summary for Child Care, Head Start and Pre-School

    Follow the AICP Immunization Schedule for infants and children. (link)

    Ohio Revised Code 5104.014, Division B:  must provide medical statement completely filled out by physician with immunization record attached indicating that the child has been fully immunized or is in the process* of being immunized against all of the following diseases:

    1.  Chicken pox  6.  Influenza 11.  Poliomyelitis
    2.  Diphtheria 7.  Measles  12.  Rotavirus
    3.  Haemophilus Influenzae type b 8.  Mumps   13.  Rubella
    4.  Hepatitis A   9.  Pertussis   14.  Tetanus
    5.  Hepatitis B 10.  Pneumococcal disease  

    The medical statement shall include the dates that a child received immunizations against each of the diseases specified in Division B.

    Follow the link below to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services' Child Medical Statement:



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