• Dress Code

    Cleveland Metropolitan School District is NO longer requires uniforms.


    These new dress expectations were designed not only to ensure students dress in a manner that is appropriate, comfortable and conducive to an active academic school day, but also to support all students in developing a body-positive self-image. The district’s new standard dress and appearance policy is also intended to be gender neutral and applies to all students equally regardless of gender while on school campuses and at school-sponsored functions. Unlike CMSD’s prior dress code which specifically dictated what students were required to wear, CMSD’s new dress expectations provides students and parents the choice of clothing with the following exceptions.

    Students may NOT wear:

    -clothing that is see-through
    -clothing where the buttocks or torso is exposed
    -clothing or accessories which show profanity, obscene words or pictures, sexually suggestive statements, violence or incitement to violence
    -clothing representing gang-related activities
    -clothing where the entire thigh is exposed
    -bathing suits or cut-offs
    -the wearing and carrying of tobacco promotional items, or items promoting controlled substances (drugs) and/or alcohol
    -clothing where undergarments are exposed
    -clothing that has text or visual images that is libelous, bullying, constitutes harassment or discrimination

    In addition, students may not wear backless or open toe footwear to school or at school functions. This includes any type of sandal or Croc shoe. 

     Students and families who wish to continue wearing a more traditional school uniform may still do so; however, these uniforms are no longer required. In addition, CMSD families needing clothing assistance will still have access to support through our community partners.

    Physical Education:

    All students should wear athletic wear on gym days.  Tennis shoes are required for gym days.  Students can not take gym in boots. Middle School scholars are required to change clothes for physical education classes.  Scholars in grades prek-5, need to wear athletic wear or gym clothes underneath their clothing.