• Dear parents and caregivers,

    We want to ensure that you are aware of district policies and procedures for calamity days when school is canceled, delayed, or dismissed early due to inclement weather or other circumstances.  If school is closed or operating on a modified schedule, here are a few ways to stay informed:

    •          Check our school website: www.clevelandmetroschools.org/SWMC

    •          Listen for automated phone calls

    •          Log into Schoology for classroom updates


    CMSD is using Microsoft Teams and Zoom to enable students and teachers to meet in virtual classrooms. In combination, Schoology is the online Learning Management System that includes lessons, assignments, and grades.  In order to access these, your child will need to use the following process.

    1.         Log in to their device with both email address and password

    2.         Open Google Chrome

    3.         Enter the CMSD homepage https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/

    4.         Toggle over “students” 

    -Click on “Office 365” and log in using email address and password

    -Click on “Outlook” to access email

    -Click on “All apps” and scroll down to Clever

    -Click “Log in with active directory.”  This is where you will find all of your resources. 


    These are some of the resources we will be using:



    Schoology        Exact Path   Science/Math   Social Studies     BrainPOP      Newsela


    Classroom Online Environment:

    Please review and discuss with your child the below guidelines for creating a positive online environment.

    1. Mute your mic

    2. Keep your video on

    3. Log in a few minutes early to be on time

    4. Use the “Raise Hand” button

    5. Complete all work

    6. Sit in a quiet place

    7. Be respectful

    8. Stay focused

    9. Eat during break times



    Daily school participation is key for your child’s success.  Please make sure they log in every day!  Our school hours during this remote learning period will be from 9:35am-4:05 pm. Instructional time begins promptly at 9:35 am. The rest of the day will be scheduled with a mix of face-to-face teaching (synchronous) and independent work (asynchronous).

    Follow these directions to join the class meeting.

    1.         Log in to your computer

    2.         Go to Clever

    3.         Click on Schoology

    4.         Click on English/Language Arts

    5.         Click on the announcement at the top of the screen.


    If your child encounters any issues with technology or requires further supports on remote learning days, please reach out to their teacher or school administrators.  You can also call the district help desk at 216-838-0440.

    We know sudden changes to the school schedule can be an inconvenience for families.  Our goal is to ensure minimal disruption to learning when students cannot be in the classroom.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.



    Ariel Hayes


    Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus

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