Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Amanda Poracky

Miss. Poracky is the 4th and 5th grade science and social studies teacher. She has been teaching at Albert Bushnell Elementary (formerly Fullerton) for 5 years. A graduate from the University of Akron, Miss. Poracky earned her Bachelor’s degree in Middle Level Education and a certificate in Environmental Science. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Educational Administration at Cleveland State University. Outside of school, she is also a dance instructor and promoter for various Latin and African dances in Cleveland and Youngstown. Her six year, experience in the Cleveland Dance Community has taken her to an international congress, where she taught Kizomba, a dance from Angola in Toronto, Canada. In 2017, she received the MKZ Honor, which recognized her support and inspiration tor the cultural exchange dance programs through the Midwest Kizomba Zouk Chapter.She is also the program director for Celebrate the Arts Performance Academy where she organizes and manages programs in and around A.B Hart Elementary, that teaches skills, etiquette, and interdisciplinary instruction through the arts. Two programs to look forward to this school year include Dance Culture and From the Ground Up Garden Club. Dance Culture will be offered year round teaching various forms of dance from numerous cultures. Students will have the chance to perform what they’ve learned in our school’s Christmas program, Black History Month Program, and finally the Dance Culture Production. From the Ground Up Garden Club occurs in the summer, fall, and spring where students learn concepts of urban farming, conservation, sustainability, and nutrition, while having the opportunity to design and create art pieces within our school yard garden.Her greatest accomplishments at A.B Hart, include receiving the 2018 Community Wraparound Teacher Engagement Award for her commitment and dedication in promoting and participating in programs, such as Zenworks Yoga, Healthy Schools, Classroom Musical, and Dancing Classrooms for Slavic Village children and families. Miss. Poracky also hosts an annual science fair in early May for multiple grade levels and inquiry nights throughout the school year that A.B Hart families will have to look forward to. She is eager to start yet another successful school year off at A.B Hart and thrilled to be continuing her work with an excellent team.