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     The Creative Writing Department

    Students in the Creative Writing program study poetry, playwriting, short fiction, and literary theory while developing their skills as writers. 

    The Creative Writing curriculum provides a foundation for the rigorous study of the practice of writing. Along with practicing techniques for writing, students develop their abilities to analyze and critique literature. Creative Writing is a four-year program for Cleveland School of the Arts students. 

    Introduction to Creative Writing (9th Grade)

    A required course for all entry year students, writers will be introduced to core elements of the creative writing major. Written work will be produced across a variety of genres as artists explore their voice among a community setting. Students should be prepared to write each day in a workshop setting acting as both a producer of literary work and as a critic.

    Additional Course Offerings and Workshops (10th-12th Grade)

    • Reading and Writing Poetry 
    • The Short Story: Writing Fiction 
    • Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction 
    • Contemporary Issues in Writing 
    • The Theory and Practice of Poetry 
    • Playwriting 
    • Senior Seminar 
    • Slam Poetry Workshops and Performances
    • Partnerships with Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland Institute of Music, and Twelve Literary Arts 

    Students receive instruction from Creative Writing faculty. Instructors guide student development through intensive peer-to-peer writing workshops, Socratic seminars on literature, and literary analysis.

  • Creative Writing Audition Requirements:

    A complete Creative Writing audition includes: submission of a literary portfolio, a performance of at least one piece from the portfolio, an interview and participation in a brief workshop that includes an on-demand writing prompt.


    • All work must be written by the student and include the student’s name and the title of the piece.
    • Copies of work are highly suggested as the portfolio will be collected and not returned.
    • Typed portfolios must be 2-5 pages in length.
    • Students must be prepared to recite/perform a piece of their original work.
    • Additional work may be brought to the audition and may be requested by the adjudicators.

     Portfolio Requirements (Writing samples):

    • One poem written in a traditional literary form.
    • One poem that best represents the writer’s individual authentic voice.
    • One non-poem piece that can be in any other form, including but not limited to: fiction, drama, creative non-fiction, song lyrics, or rap lyrics.