• What is a Student Support Team (SST)?

    • Problem-solving group designed to addresses a student's academic, emotional, behavioral, attendance, technology or other issues that pose a barrier to the student's education process
    • CSA's SST Team meetings weekly on Friday afternoons to review referrals, to discuss the issues and problems of students, and
    to perform as a resource for teachers to address concerns
    • Goal of the team is to assist teachers in the identification of appropriate, evidence-based interventions that will produce
    positive results for students as well as looking for group and school trends
    • Referral for special education is not an automatic outcome of the
    SST process

    Who can refer a student to the Student Support Team?

    • Referrals can be made by any staff member, parent or agency

    How do I refer a student to the Student Support Team?

    • Fill out the SST Referral Form online HERE.

    Who is on CSA's Student Support Team:

    Core Team: 

    • Ms. Michelle Brickner - SST Faculty Lead / Teacher Representative
    • Ricardo Franklin Sr - Head of School / Principal
    • Ms. Abi Nosse - School Psychologist

    Extended Support Team:

    • Mr. Bruce Smith - Dean of Engagement
    • Mr. Jameel Daniels - PCIA and Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator
    • Ms. Diana Richardson - Orchestra Director
    • Ms. Celia Kaplan - Bellefair School-Based Therapist

    The SST meets weekly on Wednesday at 8:35 AM.


    If you have concerns or questions regarding your child's academic and/or social/emotional needs and would like to discuss your concerns with the Cleveland School of the Arts Student Support Team, please contact SST coordinator Michelle Brickner:  michelle.brickner@clevelandmetroschools.org