• Audition Requirements by Discipline

    Audition and portfolio review requirements and details per discipline are outlined below. As a student, it is your responsibility to make sure that you present a complete audition/portfolio that meets all of the stated requirements. Sample rubrics will be available by the end of September.

    Your audition/portfolio review is the opportunity for you to showcase your work as a Scholar Artist. You should highlight your talent, creativity, diversity of technique, training, passion, discipline, and commitment. 


    A complete Creative Writing audition includes submission of a literary portfolio, a performance of at least one piece from the portfolio, an interview, and participation in a brief workshop that includes an on-demand writing prompt.


    • All work must be written by the student and include the student’s name and the title of the piece.
    • Copies of work are highly suggested as the portfolio will be collected and not returned.
    • Typed portfolios must be 2-5 pages in length.
    • Be prepared to recite/perform a piece of their original work.
    • Additional work may be brought to the audition and may be requested by the adjudicators.

     Portfolio Requirements (Writing samples):

    • One poem written in a traditional literary form.
    • One poem that best represents the writer’s individual authentic voice.
    • One non-poem piece that can be in any other form, including but not limited to: fiction, drama, creative non-fiction, song lyrics, or rap lyrics.


    Dance students will participate in a Ballet barre, Modern combination, and improvisation. Following the technique instruction, students will have the opportunity to present a prepared solo piece. Please note, the CSA Dance course of study focuses on Classical Ballet and Modern technique. We do not offer classes in hip-hop.


    • Prepare a one minute solo in any style that the dancer feels best represents his/her strengths.
    • The student must bring their own music either on a CD or a MP3 player.
    • If using a cell phone, it must be put in airplane mode to not interrupt the audition.

    Audition Dress Requirements:

    • All students must wear clothes that are comfortable for movement. Students are not permitted to wear jewelry or excessively baggy clothing during the audition. All students must securely pull their hair back.
    • Girls preferred attire: leotard, tights and ballet shoes; or dance attire with jazz shoes.
    • Boys preferred attire: tights or fitted shorts, white t-shirt, and ballet or jazz shoes.


    Instrumental students will perform a prepared piece. Students may also be asked to sight-read music, sing, and/or play scales. Students are welcome to audition on piano and guitar but will be coached to help find their primary instrument of study for their time at CSA, as those instruments are not a primary focus at this time.


    • Student will be asked to perform a prepared 2-3 minute solo piece or an excerpt of an ensemble piece of the song.
    • Must bring their own instrument and music.
    • Will need to play, at minimum, a one octave scale.
    • Percussionists need to bring sticks and mallets and should prepare to play on the Drum set any of the 40 rudiments..
    • A piano/keyboard will be provided.
    • Provide an additional copy of the sheet music for review.
    • Orchestra students should prepare to play the following on your instrument: D or G Major Scale and a Solo Piece or Orchestra Excerpt 



    Theatre students must perform a memorized monologue (a spoken performance done by one person) from a play, novel, poem or original material. In addition to performing the prepared monologue for the adjudicators, students will participate in a series of theatre warm-ups, and improvisation activities. Students should wear clothing that they can move in.


    • Bring two printed copies of the monologue and comment the source of material for adjudicators.
    • Monologues must be between 1-2 minutes in length.
    • The piece should be age-appropriate.
    • Monologues must be memorized.
    • If possible, read the entire play, novel, etc. while preparing the monologue to have a better understanding of the character you are portraying.
    • A chair will be provided, if any other props needed, it must be brought with you.
    • If you need a theater monologue, click here.


    Students studying Visual Arts will learn the elements of art and visual design. Students may take courses in drawing, painting, community art, 3D design, ceramics, fashion, printmaking, photography, and AP Art History. Students are encouraged to emphasize their creativity, perspective, and imagination through original pieces.


    • All students will draw a still life at auditions and should have a portfolio of work.
    • Present a well-rounded portfolio is suggested.
    • All work must be created by the student.
    • In addition to the portfolio, if you use a sketchbook, be sure to have it available to review.

    Portfolio Requirements (Writing samples):

    • 7-10 pieces that show your understanding of composition, spacing, use of color, and diversity in technique as an artist.
    • Painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, sculpture, fashion design, and other 3D work are all accepted in the portfolio.
    • Portfolio should include at least two drawings done from observation.
    • Artwork can be any size.
    • Students should be prepared to speak to the adjudicators about their work and answer questions about the work.


    Vocal students must prepare at least one song of their choice; two contrasting songs that highlight a student’s range and technique are preferred. Applicant will be scored based on vocal intonation, tone quality, musicality, pitch, range, and diction. In addition to the prepared selection, students may be asked to participate in vocal warm-ups and exercises. For the first song, please a patriotic song, for example: "The Star Spangled Banner";  "My Country Tis of Thee";  or (our favorite) "Lift Every Voice and Sing". Please sing a cappella (no accompaniment) and be sure that we can hear you loudly and clearly. For the second song, choose anything that you feel best showcases your vocal abilities.


    • Students should come prepared to sing at least 2 songs, one of which MUST be a patriotic song.
    • Student will be asked to perform a portion or 2-3 minute piece of the song.
    • Song preference would be to select familiar sacred songs, jazz standards, art songs, arias and musical theatre pieces. However, we understand all students may not be familiar with these genres.
    • A copy of the sheet music, is appreciated, though it is not required, as an accompanist may not be available at the time of audition.
    • Song will be, in most cases, performed as an acappella piece.