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    The Mathematics curriculum is focused on enabling students to compute, problem-solve, analyze, use logic, perform graphic functions, and read and interpret charts.


    Courses Faculty
    Algebra 1 Ms. Amanda Fiorelli
    Geometry  Ms. Lena Georgiadi
    Algebra 2 Ms. Christina Cary
    Statistics Hanumanth Padaraju
    Precalculus Hanumanth Padaraju

    The English curriculum is focused on reading and engaging with complex fiction and nonfiction texts through annotation strategies, analysis, writing, and class discussions.


    Courses Faculty
    English I  Mr. Jim Hackman
    Honors English I   
    English II  Ms.Pat Fryer-Jolly
    Honors English II                       
    English III Mrs. Cari Thornton
    English IV Ms. Amber Jacob
    AP English Ms. Liz Telich

    The Science curriculum is focused on engaging students with complex real-world examples and experiments to critically engage students in the 21st century.


    Courses Faculty
    Physical Science Ms. Tatum Printy
    Biology Ms. Charulata Mehlotra 
    Earth and Space Science    Mr. Matt Higgins
    Chemistry Ms. Purnima Cheruvu


    The Social Studies curriculum is focused on analyzing the past and present to create future-minded students who are civically engaged, have a good understanding of the past, and want to positively impact the future.


    Courses Faculty
    World History Mr. Josh Soto
    American History Mr. John Porter
    American Government                    Mrs. Lisa Porter


    The World Languages curriculum is focused on exposing students to worldly experiences, languages, and cultures.


    Courses Faculty
    Chinese I and II                         Ms. Yunzhen Wang


    The Physical Education and Health curriculums are focused on nutrition, physical and mental well-being, and enabling students to make healthy life choices.


    Courses Faculty
    Physical Education I and II     Ms. Kathleen Magistri