• Visitors to our Campus

    At the Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus, our children's safety comes first!

    Any visitor who wants to visit a classroom MUST put in a request to the principal. In order to appropriately accommodate parents and visitors as well as ensure student learning is not disrupted, classroom visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance

    At the Lower Campus building, upon entering, all visitors must stop and sign-in with the CMSD Officer. Visitors will then check-in with the Front Office.
    At the Upper Campus building, all visitors must go through the metal detectors and immediately report to the main office.
    All visitors must obtain a visitor's pass. To receive a visitor's pass, you must sign-in the main office and show a VALID photo ID. Please be advised that photo ID's may be photocopied or kept on file in the office and returned after sign-out. 
    All school visitors must dress appropriately and conduct themselves respectfully in a way that is suitable for young children. Abusive/offensive language or conduct toward staff, students, and/or other adults will not be tolerated. Visitors who do not conduct themselves appropriately will be immediately escorted out of the building.
    Please be advised that visitors cannot bring animals into the building!
    At no time can visitors cause disruption to the academic learning environment. Any parent and/or visitor who fail to adhere to any of our school visitor policies and procedures will be asked to leave and/or have their school visitation privileges revoked.


    Volunteers are always welcome!
    All volunteers are expected to follow the same policies and procedures that are provided for visitors. In addition, we request that interested volunteers schedule times in advance with the Principal for school-wide events or with the teacher for classroom events. this will allow us to maximize your volunteer time and notify all appropriate staff.