• Fullerton School of Academics K-8 School

    Will Strictly Enforce the CMSD Uniform Policy in the following manner:

    The Fullerton School of Academics has an ongoing commitment to academic excellence.   As part of that commitment to excellence, we will strictly enforce the CMSD Dress Code policy that features uniforms. All students are expected to comply.  We believe there is a direct relationship between being well-groomed and properly dressed and having productive work habits for school.  The clothing students wear can have a bearing on their external conduct as well as internal attitude.  Your support and cooperation is needed and appreciated. 

    Students have a choice of uniform styles.  

    Bottoms must be navy blue, khaki or tan.  They can be slacks, knee-length shorts or skirts, or jumpers. Sagging pants and low cut or tight fitting tops or bottoms will not be tolerated!
    Tops will be short or long sleeved white, navy, or light blue. They may be blouses, shirts, sweaters or collared polo shirts.  T-shirts and hoodies will not be permitted. An optional navy blue sweater or blazer may be worn, especially on cold days.  Blouses and shirts must be tucked in; black or white socks will complete the picture.  
    Shoes: Black shoes will be preferred over tennis shoes.  
    Patterned clothing, clothing with brand names, sports logos, etc., jeans, sweatpants and jumpsuits are not acceptable.    
    Denim jackets, bandanas, gloves, hats, doo-rags/wavecaps, athletic shorts, bare midriff shirts, excessive jewelry and flip-flops are not acceptable. 

    The uniform policy will be strictly enforced every day. Parents will be requested to bring a uniform to school or pick up their child in the case that a student is dressed inappropriately.  In some cases, students will be asked to change into clean uniforms that we have on hand in the building.  In the event that a student is out of uniform and dressed inappropriately, they will be asked to stay in the office/Planning Center for the day or until changed into appropriate clothing.

    We do understand that situations may occasionally arise which might prevent students from wearing their uniforms.  We have all had a broken washer or dryer at some point in our lives!  If there is a valid reason why your child must be out of uniform, please send a letter to the school office explaining the circumstance.    

    At the Fullerton School of Academics, we love to take every opportunity to reward our children.  As an incentive for wearing uniforms every day, students will be invited to participate in fun events such as quarterly dances.  We would hate to have students miss out on these rewards when all they have to do to earn them is wear their uniform every day!

    We know this will save time on busy mornings, and purchasing uniforms will save money on school clothes for the entire family.  We have noticed that students in uniform experience fewer behavior problems and distractions throughout the day.  This also helps our children understand that we are serious about getting and providing a good education at the Fullerton School of Academics.  We believe that helping young people “dress for success” at an early age will have long-term benefits.