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    We are located inside of Bard High School along with the So1 Main Office. 



    Students who can read and write well will be successful in any career. The staff encourages students to explore the areas they are interested in learning about. The teacher has over 60 electives and four foreign languages for students to choose from (Spanish, French, German, and Latin). The teacher has projects in many of the high school subjects but is willing to work with students to create a new project to pique student interests.


    usernames and passwords emailed to student and/or family member. Read 2-3 articles per day (10-15 per week) and complete all parts of the 5-step literacy activities. This includes maintaining a notebook in which students complete a vocabulary exercise where they write down selected vocabulary words, their definition and then use that word in a sentence of their own to show comprehension. Additionally, students are required to use a suggested graphic organizer to help them identify 3 supporting ideas/facts from a given article that guide them in establishing/identifying the main idea of that article.


    usernames and passwords emailed to students and family members. Families you can use this log on information to see where your student’s grades in any class at any time. Students will complete at least 5 lessons/quizzes per day (25-50 per week). Students are required to maintain a notebook in which they identify main concepts, vocabulary, formulas and other helpful items from the text they are reading in each lesson. Those notes then can and should be used when taking assessments for a given unit/course. Thy will also be very helpful when students are preparing for the OST or ACT/SAT exams.


    usernames and passwords emailed to students and family members. Students should complete 2-3 math lessons per day (10-15 per week). There are typically 5-7 steps involved with lesson completion, the first being a pre-quiz in which a passing score means a student does not have to complete the remaining steps and goes onto the next lesson. If a student does not pass the pre-quiz, students will then work through additional steps (one of which includes a note-taking step called “Guided Learning”) leading to a post-quiz assessment over the material just learned. Live math help is also available in this program.

    Other and/or Offline:

    Not all of the classwork needs to be completed via those learning platforms in addition to those three we also do offline projects

    • Capstone/Personalized Projects- Given to students upon request or per their interests or future career goals. Topics range between all subjects and in the past have included topics like case studies on psychologically interesting people, research papers into the death of John F. Kennedy, analysis of governmental agencies, multimedia presentations on architecture, Photography and Image Design as a career, entrepreneurship, purchasing a home and/or flipping a home, the interesting King Tutankhamun, and presentations on transforming one’s self via cosmetic means. Students have also completed job shadowing internships.
    • Research Papers- Most students will write at least one four-page paper per school year in an area of interest and/or in preparation for a high stakes exam.
    • High Stakes Test preparation - These tests include the Ohio State Tests (OST’s), ACT test and SAT test as well as the Work Keys Exam.
      • All students are expected to be proficient on these exams. Staff will work with each individual student or in small groups of students to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to prepare a preparation plan for these exams. Students are expected to prepare for each exam and receive a grade of proficient or higher on each one. For some of the exams (OST ELA I and ELA II) students may need to write multiple five paragraph essays with a minimum of five quotes from at least two different texts.


    Teacher: Denise Bugansky   denise.bugansky@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Educational Aide: Heather Imel  heather.imel@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Intervention Specialist: Daniel Mayes  daniel.mayes@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Resource Coordinator: Rebecca Bell  rebecca.bell@clevelandmetroschools.org  (216) 562-9200 call/text
    SAY YES Family Support Specialist: Jake Francis (216) 905-6643 jacob.francis@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Guidance Counselor: Marjana Ognjenovic  marjana.ognjenovic@clevelandmetroschools.org  216-838-8864
    Classroom Phone Numbers: 216.838.8871
    College Now: (216) 241-5586 or text the word TASSEL to (216)2085866  College Now Scheduling Link