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  • The School of One is dedicated to producing successful graduates by offering students a differentiated, individualized digital online educational experience embedded with both the academic and social and emotional services needed to be college and career ready in the 21st Century.

    To help students who seek an individualized approach to graduation in a nontraditional classroom setting, the staff at the School of One works collaboratively with each student to identify academic needs, areas of interests and personal barriers and strives to eliminate them. Teachers and students collaborate to develop a new path to academic, personal and social and emotional success.

    The School of One is considered one collective high school, however our student population is distributed amongst 8 sites located around Cleveland. This allows for students to attend the site closest to where they live. Each site consists of a single classroom within the main building and has a School of One teacher and paraprofessional, as well as support staff. Those locations are: Collinwoood, East Tech, Glenville, John Adams, Lincoln-West, and James Ford Rhodes High Schools. Our John Marshall site as well as our Main Office are located inside Bard Early College (13501 Terminal Ave, Cleveland).

    We have recently been fortunate to have opened 2 more innovative sites. These sites are similar to our others in that they have rolling applications, small classroom sizes, and computerized learning. However, each one has a specialized focus to meet the needs of the students who attend there.  Our 8th site is located at The Foundry, Cleveland's rowing facility. Students at our Foundry site learn about rowing and sailing and have an opportunity for employment at MCPc, in addition to their core academics.  Our most recent site, new this school year, is located at the new and improved LGBT Center in Gordon Square.  This site will be fully integrated with the Center's QYou program in addition to providing students with their core academics.

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The School of One High School


    Main office:
    Located inside Bard Early College
    13501 Terminal Ave
    Cleveland OH 44111
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    Principal Administrator: Wayne Marok
    Principal: Maryum Sims
    Chief Secretary: Justine Lance

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    Erin Frew

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