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    This school site utilizes the following online programs to help our students achieve academic success: 

    Achieve3000:  Complete 6 articles and the 5 step lesson attached to each article per week at a minimum.  This includes maintaining a notebook in which students define vocabulary words for each article as well as show their drafts of the essay question and email their responses to the site teacher. This semester, PAS, QAR, and POW will be emphasized to improve Reading and Writing OST scores. In the PAS strategy, the following process is followed: Students will Preview the text (pictures/bold/titles).  Access prior knowledge of the topic and Set the purpose for reading.  The QAR (Question/Answer/Response) strategy teaches students that all questions are not alike, and it teaches students how to locate information to answer the different types of questions.  The last strategy POW, is a strategy for writing allows students to Practice through Re-read difficult parts of the text and reading the difficult parts of the text aloud.  Organize Information with the use of graphic organizers, take notes such as Cornell notes, make lists or outlines and talk about what was read. Write, Think about what you are learning, write summaries, write and answer questions and write your personal connections to the text.

    PEAK/FuelEd:  Complete 5 lessons/quizzes per day (25 per week) at a minimum.  Students are required to maintain a notebook in which they identify vocabulary words and key ideas from the information they are reading in these lessons.  Those notes then can and should be used when taking assessments for a given unit/course.

    IXL: Students complete 2 skills per day and show mastery in at least one of the two skills for math.  The students are provided immediate feedback on their answers and receive repeated practice until a skill is mastered.

    Imagine Math:  Students working in the Imagine Math program will be required to complete a minimum of 2 lessons per week in the program.  Imagine math utilizes a built in math dictionary, calculator, and formula sheet students can utilize.  The program also uses an assortment of modeling, visual models, and corrective feedback to students during lessons.  Students can also access live help from an Imagine Math instructor 7 days a week through most hours of the day.




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    Educational Aide: Monica Peake monica.peake@clevelandmetroschools.org

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    SAY YES Family Support Specialist: Jasmine Hayes  jhayes@sayyescleveland.org

    Guidance Counselor:  Marjana Ognjenovic  marjana.ognjenovic@clevelandmetroschools.org

    College Now:  (216) 241-5587 or text the word TASSEL to (216) 208-5866  CollegeNow Scheduling Link