• Dance
    The Dance curriculum and programming exists to support student needs for college and career readiness in Dance while in alignment with State and National standards to develop well-rounded scholars. Instruction scaffolds through the course of four years building thorough technical foundations, facilitating creative discovery, and culminates with a senior capstone focusing on individual artistry.

    Verbal and written assignments support learning how to articulate one’s aesthetic preference through observation of professional performances, class performances, and objective critique. Scholars will learn how to care for their bodies with cross training and proper wellness behaviors. Coursework in Anatomy and Kinesiology fosters the connection between the technical physicality of dance and intellectual understanding of one’s body. Through studying Dance History, scholars will understand the artform’s pertinence in today’s society.

    Students perform in a minimum of two concerts per year as a part of performance integration to the curriculum. Opportunities are ongoing throughout the school year to create new works, perform in student works, or to deep dive into their artistry through commitment in the audition-based CSA Dance Company. As a community of dance majors, scholars are encouraged to support one another in their individual journey to college and career ready dance studies.