• Vocal Music Admissions Requirements

    Vocal students must prepare at least one song of their choice; two contrasting songs that highlight a student’s range and technique are preferred. Applicant will be scored based on vocal intonation, tone quality, musicality, pitch, range, and diction. In addition to the prepared selection, students may be asked to participate in vocal warm-ups and exercises.


    • Students should come prepared to sing at least 2 songs, one of which MUST be a patriotic song.
    • Student will be asked to perform a portion or 2-3 minute piece of the song.
    • Song preference would be to select familiar sacred songs, jazz standards, art songs, arias and musical theatre pieces. However, we understand all students may not be familiar with these genres.
    • A copy of the sheet music, is appreciated, though it is not required, as an accompanist may not be available at the time of audition.
    • Song will be, in most cases, performed as a cappella piece.