• Day 2 Social Justice Challenge

    Day 2: History of Voter Suppression. 

    Today, we are looking at the history of voter suppression and how people of color were systemically kept from the ballot box, as well as the challenges they had to overcome in order to exercise their right to vote. Today’s activities will provide much-needed context for tomorrow’s challenge, which will show how voter suppression has changed over time and how it is disenfranchising marginalized communities today.

    From the 1890’s to the 1960’s literacy tests were designed to disenfranchise people of color from voting (white men were exempt). Try to complete this test. Be sure to set a timer before you start, you would have been given 10 minutes to finish.

    View this interactive timeline of the history of the Voting Rights Act and see how access to the vote has been expanded and restricted over time.

    Read this article highlighting the role that the Voting Rights Act played in protecting Asian Americans’ voting rights. Until 1952, federal policy barred immigrants of Asian descent from becoming U.S. citizens and having access to the vote.

    After you engage with the challenge materials on the history of voter suppression, share with us how this history connects with current events from our most recent presidential election. You can share your responses with us @LWScienceHealth on Instagram.

    All Instagram participants will receive a special gift via USPS mail.