• Day 15

    Day 15 – CRM vs. BLM Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

    Today, we end our focus on CRM vs BLM movements with “pictures are worth a thousand words.” We will take a pictorial tour comparing the CRM vs BLM. We will then view pictures and a video of the BLM movement over against the January 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol, and how police responded to each group. We will conclude with a look at BLM impact in our country and around the world.

    Theses series of photos demonstrate the similarities of the BLM vs CRM protests which took place in America in the 1960s - click here to view and read.

    BLM protest movements have impacted change around the world. According Elle Magazine, from Minnesota to New York to Amsterdam and London, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets and social media to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and demand governments actively put an end to police brutality and institutional racism. To read more about the change, and view pictures, click here.

    Now click here and view this video to compare the police’s response to BLM protesters and protestors at the U.S. Capitol siege on January 6.

    After you engage in today’s challenge, share what police reform looks and feels like in our community? What actions are you willing to take to make them realities in our community? You can share your responses with us @LWScienceHealth on Instagram.