• Crest


    3 Traits, 7+16 Habits, 10 Reasons


    COMPETENCE – Achieve academic mastery every day

    • Core: Math, Science, Historical/ English Lit, and technology integration

    • Access to opportunities for appropriate, educational risk-taking

    • Implement collaborative and competitive skills

    • Ensure that learning takes center stage

    • Maximize verbal/writing skills in learning


    CONFIDENCE – Growth in a safe environment

    • Belief in a ‘can do’ philosophy

    • Encore classes embedded into daily schedule

    • Room for girls to decide for themselves who they are

    • Access to strong female role models


     COMPASSION- Lead to make a global impact for others

    • Reserve social life outside of the classroom

    • Comply with the unique mission of the school

    • Collaboratively lead with fellow Wildflowers

    • Participate in athletics to foster both leadership and team play

    • Enhance 'real life' skills such as financial literacy, leadership, and service to community