• School Office Hours: 7:45a - 4:00p; during the school office hours, parents and visitors can get assistance from office staff either by telephone or in person; 216-838-8950.
    School starts at 8:10a.
    Tardiness: AFTER 8:30a, Wildflowers are marked late/tardy for school. Attendance will be monitored using HB 410, https://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Chronic-Absenteeism/House-Bill-410-FAQ.pdf.aspx?lang=en-US .
    Student Arrival: Parent escorted PK Wildflowers arrival time is 7:50a-8:00a; only.  ALL Kindergarten -8th grade Wildflowers arrival time is 8:10 a.m; no earlier.
    For safety sake, K-8 Wildflowers should not arrive to school before 8:10 a.m.; there is no adult supervision for your daughter prior to 8:10a. 
    Enrichment: Kindergarten-3rd report to your designated classroom activities; 8:10a-8:30a then proceed to your homeroom college before breakfast.
    Breakfast:  4th-8th Wildflowers; 8:10a- 8:30a; only.                Prek -3rd grade Wildflowers; 8:35a- 8:55a; only.
    *In the event a CMSD bus arrives late to Warner after the designated breakfast period of your Wildfower, she will need to report to the office with fellow bus riders to receive an ORANGE breakfast pass.
    *In the event a Wildflower is late to school due to " family provided transportation", she is to report to the office to receive a  YELLOW tardy pass to her classroom. Parents are encouraged to feed daughter(s) breakfast to minimize school/classroom disruptions.
    Prompt arrivals: AFTER 8:30a. However, all Wildflowers are expected to be in school by 8:10a; everyday. Wildflowers who repeatedly come to school late may be subjected to the school attendance committee reporting your daughter's school attendance to the Department of Children & Family Services. 
     Student Dismissal:  2:30p-2:40p; Prekindergarten; only. 3:45p-3:55p; Kindergarten-8th grades only. 
    All BUS AND DAYCARE PROVIDE-A-RIDE Kindergarten-8th grade Wildflowers are dismissed on Jeffries Avenue; only.
    All Parent-Pick-up Kindergarten- 8th grade Wildflowers are dismissed on Connecticut Avenue; only. 
    This school policy is necessary to maximize the safety of all our Wildflowers. If there is a need to speak to the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Dean of Engagement;  please call the main office to schedule an appointment at a later date. 
    Early Dismissal: Wildflowers WILL NOT be released early from school without the office receiving communication and consent from a parent IN ADVANCE. Also, after 2:30p,  Wildflowers  WILL NOT BE DISMISSED EARLY from school. After 2:30p,  parents/guardians must wait outside until Wildflowers are dismissed. Parents who repeatedly pick their daughter up early from school may be reported to the Department of Children & Family Services.
    Late Pick-up: After 3:50 p.m., parents are to sign name in the  TARDY PICK-UP book before retrieving Wildflowers from the main office.
    Parents who repeatedly pick their daughter up early from school may be reported to the Department of Children & Family Services.