• School Office Hours: 7:50a - 4:00p; during the school office hours, parents and visitors can get assistance from office staff either by telephone or in person; 216-838-8950.
    Student Arrival: Parent escorted PK Wildflowers arrival time is 7:50a-8:00a.  ALL Kindergarten -8th grade Wildflowers arrival time is 8:00 a.m.
    For your Wildflower's safety,Wildflowers in grades K-8 should not arrive to school before 8:00a. There is no adult supervision for your daughter prior to 8:00a. 
    Parent Engagement: 8:25-8:35a; Call or speak with your Wildflower's teacher or be on the lookout for updates on ClassDojo. 
    Breakfast:  8:00a- 8:35a                
    The Instructional Day starts at 8:35a.
    Tardiness: AFTER 8:35a, Wildflowers are marked late/tardy for school. Attendance will be monitored using HB 410, https://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Chronic-Absenteeism/House-Bill-410-FAQ.pdf.aspx?lang=en-US .
    Prompt arrivals: AFTER 8:30a. However, all Wildflowers are expected to be in school by 8:35a; everyday. Wildflowers who repeatedly come to school late may be subjected to the school attendance committee reporting your daughter's school attendance to the Department of Children & Family Services. 
     Student Dismissal:  3:15p-3:25p; Prekindergarten; only. 3:25p-3:35p; Kindergarten-8th grades only. 
    All BUS AND DAYCARE PROVIDE-A-RIDE Kindergarten-8th grade Wildflowers are dismissed on Jeffries Avenue; only.
    All Parent-Pick-up Kindergarten- 8th grade Wildflowers are dismissed on Connecticut Avenue; only. 
    This school policy is necessary to maximize the safety of all our Wildflowers. If there is a need to speak to the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Dean of Engagement;  please call the main office to schedule an appointment at a later date. 
    Early Dismissal: Wildflowers WILL NOT be released early from school without the office receiving communication and consent from a parent IN ADVANCE. Also, after 2:45p,  Wildflowers WILL NOT BE DISMISSED EARLY from school, except in an emergency. After 2:45p,  parents/guardians must wait outside until Wildflowers are dismissed. Parents who repeatedly pick their daughter up early from school may be reported to the Department of Children & Family Services.
    Late Pick-up: After 3:50 p.m., parents are to sign name in the  TARDY PICK-UP book before retrieving Wildflowers from the main office.
    Parents who repeatedly pick their daughter up early from school may be reported to the Department of Children & Family Services.