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Mr. Sheridan

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy and 7th/8th Grade Mathematics in Room A204, Salem College! I am the 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher, Mr. Sheridan, and I am very excited about the new school year with our middle school students! This is my 9th year teaching at WGLA. We have an awesome group of girls and I am confident we are going to accomplish and grow a great deal throughout this school year, both academically and personally. Class Dojo Messenger is the best way to contact all 7th/8th-grade teachers. Class Dojo Story is the best way to keep up with Middle School updates, important dates, activities we are doing in class, and school-wide events. I look forward to connecting with everyone on Class Dojo!  

7th Grade Math topics we will learn this year: 1) Proportional Relationships 2) Percents 3) Rational Number Operations 4) Expressions and Equations 5) Inequalities 6) Circumference and Area 7) Surface Area and Volume 8) Theoretical and Experimental Probability

8th Grade Math Topics we will learn this year: 1) Operations with Real Numbers 2) Exponents and Scientific Notation 3) Systems of Equations 4) Functions 5) Pythagorean Theorem 6) Volume 7) Scatter Plots 8) Two-way Tables 

Here is what will be included in Math Class: 1) Math warm-ups on Schoology 2) Math discussions on Schoology 3) Into Math Digital Assignments 4) Math Tests and Quizzes 5) Exact Path Math Learning Path 6) Online Math Resources