• Arrival/Breakfast (7:50 AM-8:10 AM)
    Instructional Day (8:10 AM - 3:10 PM):
    Learning and teaching are our highest priorities. All Wildflowers are expected to be in their scheduled first-period class on time for the start of teaching and learning and remain at school until 3:10 PM. Wildflowers arriving after 8:10 AM are tardy and must sign in at the main office. During the instructional day, parents/caregivers will not be permitted to visit classrooms and/or call classrooms directly without scheduling the call or visit ahead of time.  
    School Office Hours (*8:00 AM-3:50 PM):
    Parents and visitors can receive in-person and/or telephone assistance from our office staff during school office hours. *Our main office is closed during dismissal between 2:15 and 3:15 PM.