• The Portfolio Strategy

    Cleveland is transitioning from a traditional school district to a new system of district and charter schools. Schools being created and transformed in this new system are held to the highest standards of performance. These standards aim to yield dramatic student achievement gains for every child. This is the Portfolio Strategy.

    A portfolio is a collection -- a variety -- of related projects and offerings. Specifically in this case, New & Innovative schools and already proven, highly successful school models.

    At the heart of The Cleveland Plan is the CMSD’s (Cleveland Metropolitan School District) Portfolio Strategy and a Portfolio Team committed to provide high-quality school choices across the city. This will happen in part by giving schools greater control over their curricula, staff, and resources, based on the specific needs of their students.

    CMSD’s Portfolio Strategy continues to garner national attention by prestigious educational publications such as the Hechinger Report, Education Week, and Edutopia.

    The Portfolio Strategy is viewed as an extraordinary local effort to modernize Cleveland’s large urban school district. This is being accomplished through innovative new school design and ongoing support. The Portfolio Team also helps spread education best practices found in Portfolio Schools throughout the CMSD.

    Cleveland’s success will be apparent when every neighborhood has a variety of great schools from which families can choose. We believe that our Portfolio Strategy will aggressively grow the number of high-performing schools and increase the enrollment of students served by those schools.

    IFF High Quality Schools Needs Assessment (pdf)- Focus and resource allocation analysis